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Sullivan Provost Boys Secondary School

Policy Statement

The School Vision, Mission, Values/Beliefs and Promises should be read in conjunction to this Policy Statement.

Sullivan Provost Boys School is a secondary school run by Sullivan Provost Schools Limited. It is a Boarding School offering quality Education. It is open to boys from all religious persuasions. At present, it offers a regular National education program leading to achievement of ordinary level certificate.

We are committed to develop our students intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Much of this development takes place in the classroom, the laboratory, the library, and the study hall. But it also occurs on the playing fields, on the stage, in the community within the school and in the community outside the school (their homes and in the neighborhood of the school). The molding of each student’s character and personality is equally important to that of other learning.

Always in whatever they do, students are encouraged to strive for excellence. The goal held out to all is to discover their full potential as individuals as well as members of the society. Constantly, they are invited to participate, to be active, to interact, and to contribute in a spirit of service within their school community and the community outside the school.

Personal integrity, self discipline, respect and tolerance for differences (be it personal, cultural, religious etc), love for others, sense of responsibility for the people and the resources of the world, a desire to reach out in a practical way to those in greater need; all these are values proposed to students throughout their stay at this school.

The school staff (Teaching and non-teaching staff strive to complement the role of parents, family and community in leading the youth in their care to a greater fidelity to God, a sense of justice for all, and a love of neighbor that will form responsible leader for the future.


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